• Henderson

    So it turns out I spent the weekend in Henderson, NV with my girlfriend. She is a coach for CCSD, and today (Monday), I am also chilling/hanging out with her at work. Turns out this is relatively boring. However, it’s okay. I found things to do. Such as sit here, filling up her browser history […]

  • Eric Whitacre – Deep Field and Virtual Choir 5

    It’s here! It’s finally here!! My third ever participation in the virtual choir experience and Eric Whitacre’s fifth official one (not including the World of Color Honor Choir and the Virtual Children’s Choir). https://deepfieldfilm.com https://ericwhitacre.com

  • Shingo Nakamura

    How did I miss this kid!? I recall seeing this in my suggested list multiple times, and I’m happy I finally decided to check it out!

  • Foundation, Part II (The Encyclopedists)

    “As you see, gentlemen, something like ninety percent of the treaty boiled right out of the analysis as being meaningless…”

  • Super Duper Status Update

    It works! I was a bit annoyed that the wordpress atom feed was only XML based. However, I do consider myself pretty good at googling things, and so I found this PHP library called “SimpleXML” which solved a LOT of stuff for me. I used to display the first five Blogger titles on the homepage in […]

  • Blogger Migration

    So you may be wondering: what’s up with all these blog redesigns, Daniel? Well, I got sick of Blogger. A whole lot. And about a month ago, I decided to do something about it.

  • Seriously!?

    I’ve only had my domain switched from my Blogger to the new WordPress site for a mere two hours and already I have to moderate a spam comment. Didn’t take them long.

  • My Mom’s Pickle Recipes

    My Mom’s Pickle Recipes

    Last week my mom shared with me Ree Drummond’s “Quick Pickling 101” recipe. Yesterday I asked her to also share her own 1-day pickle recipes that she’s had forever. Here is my “translation” of her 30yo handwritten notes:

  • Manual letsEncrypt for CPanel

    Jump to Renewal Instructions Additionally, EFF has deprecated use of aptitude/yum/dnf/etc package managers for deploying Certbot on Debian-based systems. Instead, they recommend use of Snap. At work I recently collaborated with our hosting provider to move our company website to a version of cPanel. Up until this time, there has been no way of running our site on […]

  • DMX for actual Electrical Engineers

    So it’s been coming up recently that our church media department has been buying “OpenDMX USB Dongles” for upwards of $80. I was mortified, especially after seeing this USB device, opening up the sheet metal project box and finding it to be a simple 2-stage USB to RS-485 protocol bridge with no programmable intelligence whatsoever.

Got any book recommendations?