• The Reddit Thing

    Yesterday I got a notification from Youtube stating that COPPA/Made for Kids was being forced come January. I’ve largely ignored these messages, as my channel is not that big, not very expansive, and not terribly interesting. However, when these settings apply to everyone, and I am a member of everyone, well, maybe it’d be worth […]

  • Minecraft

    History It’s interesting that I purchased my old Alienware M14x R2 just to play Minecraft. Years ago, a friend I knew on Achaea said that they really enjoyed Minecraft, and that I should try it out. Well, I totally did, and totally regretted it. That’s because at that time, all I had was my Dell […]

  • Discoveries in 3D Printing Services

    At work, we’ve been playing around with 3D printing services, namely the international chain or distributor known as Hubs. A coworker described it very accurately as “the uber of 3d printing services” where people that have access to printers apply for certification, and people who don’t place an order on Hubs which then distributes the […]

  • Botany v2

    Remember this little guy? Read all about him here! Well guess what! This little orange tree from seed is now an actual tree! It is still alive, and doing very well, save for the periodic bug problem. It occurred to me that having written about it in July 2009 means that I probably planted it […]

  • Diplomacy


    I just finished listening to NoDumbQuestions‘ Episode 53 – What Would Happen Every Time You Restarted Earth? I have to say, the discussion definitely got me onto two things which I briefly mentioned in my comment on Reddit (I don’t know if my thoughts will take off at this point, but I wanted to put […]

  • The Zone

    Have I ever been here? Probably. I cannot recall a specific time I have been fully “In the Zone” as it were, but I know that I was close a week or two ago while working on finalizing a project for work. https://dopeboy.github.io/in-the-zone/ Based on Manish Sinha’s definition of this state of mind, I cannot […]

  • Our Fancy-Pants Pine Tree Hunt

    Our Fancy-Pants Pine Tree Hunt

    I realized only a few days ago that it has been NINE YEARS since we last cut our own tree for Christmas. That record was finally broken today when my sister, her boyfriend, and I went up Rist Canyon and visited the Christmas Tree Ranch.

  • Christmas Again

    So I guess I could say Merry Christmas. Then again, I WANT to say, “Hey it’s that time of year where I break out my Christmas theme for a blog!” I haven’t done this in a long while, and given that I’ve moved over to WordPress, I wonder if it’s possible. Stay tuned for theme-like […]

  • Henderson

    So it turns out I spent the weekend in Henderson, NV with my girlfriend. She is a coach for CCSD, and today (Monday), I am also chilling/hanging out with her at work. Turns out this is relatively boring. However, it’s okay. I found things to do. Such as sit here, filling up her browser history […]

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