• Live TV Tuners, Twitch, Plex, and screwing over even more Subscription Services

    Live TV Tuners, Twitch, Plex, and screwing over even more Subscription Services

    I have a lifetime subscription to Plex. I’ve had it for at least eight years. It’s cool! It lets me watch IPTV (built-in) and even has the option to connect to digital tuner+antenna combos on my network. I mean, I saw this “HDHomeRun” device I could buy on Amazon a couple of years ago and […]

  • Untrodden Snow

    Untrodden Snow

    When I was a child, the snow would fall all pure and deep and white.

  • New Look

    It’s 2023. And WordPress has its annual theme update thing. I had a thought – how about something a bit new to play with? Let’s see how far it’s come in 3 years since I updated to the twenty-twenty theme back in probably 2019? Sure ’nuff. It’s not fantastic, but it’s interesting! I may fiddle […]

  • Alternates

    I just re-watched for the umpteenth time Rymdreglage‘s video where they change their name and call it Ninja Moped. It’s stupidly quirky and dumb and the worst thing ever, but it hits that place that tickles my love for weird things. Given that I like random name generators (even “analog” ones like this) a whole […]

  • Custom Splash Screen for Minecraft

    Premise Time to play around with the Minecraft splash screen!! I found this tutorial on PlanetMinecraft.com which is good at detailing the small, finicky nuances of creating a resource pack to change the Minecraft splash screen. HOWEVER, I found that a lot of the details written there were unclear and slightly overkill. Also reverse-engineering any […]

  • Plex, Synology, Xfinity and Me

    So if your router doesn’t have access to this DNS Rebind Protection business, but you’re still seeing the “Unable to claim” error and you’ve tried everything, see about manually setting the DNS configuration of your actual server machine; not just hoping it will use the ones in your modem or router like it’s supposed to.

  • Minecraft – Upgrading to a 1.16 Server

    Yeah, it’s a big deal with the nether update. Lots of gold farms, lots of new areas, and people are excited to see everything. However, care must be taken when upgrading to Minecraft 1.16. Lots of posts and videos have been made on how to upgrade a singleplayer world, but even more care must be […]

  • My Vicci, Part 2

    Let’s see if I can finish some more of this six months after the fact. That last “I love you” was the last I heard. I waited all day to hear something, assuming Ivy would be able to get my number or contact me eventually, or that Vicci was just super quiet because she was […]

  • Shaders in MultiMC Minecraft

    Gathering all of the resources of the Internet, I finally pinned down the technique to install an Optifine shader in an instance of Minecraft from the MultiMC launcher. Specifically since I started playing again in a major way from v1.14.4, installing mods is not as simple as it used to be, and Optifine is no […]

  • My Vicci, Part 1

    December 7, 2019 I experienced what I never thought I would so early in life. My girlfriend of five years passed away suddenly due to respiratory and heart failure in her home in Las Vegas. She had stayed home from sick the day before because she could not catch her breath and didn’t feel like […]

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