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Recently I got an email from a guy at Brinkster, a web hosting service I have used in the past.

It read:

It’s a very common story; business owners everywhere feel that they are just wasting their time on Facebook.

  • “How come no one is commenting?”
  • “Why isn’t anyone liking our page?”
  • “I feel like no one cares about our updates.”

Too often the business ends up throwing in the towel, abandoning their social media efforts entirely – or giving a half-hearted effort.

But that’s not a good idea! Actually, that’s a really BAD idea. Your Facebook page is more than a potential online megaphone; it’s the opportunity to connect your consumers to your business.

So….what ARE you supposed to do?

Many companies have successfully mastered the power of Facebook. You don’t have to be a big company to get great results.  Join our free webinar that will show you best practices used by the most successful companies in creating a great Facebook experience.

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I had to laugh. Especially at the three questions, which I will now attempt to answer in a most cynical and sarcastic manner:

  1. “How come no one is commenting?” Nobody CAN comment on what you post. Nobody cares to say, “Oh that’s so awesome! Here’s a photo of my kid.” when you simply post, “Q2 2012 profits are down 20% from Q1 2012. See this press release for more info.”
  2. “Why isn’t anyone liking our page?” Because there ISN’T anyone who likes your page.
  3. “I feel like no one cares about our updates.” You’re right. I sure don’t care.

It also reminded me of a blog post Jon Acuff wrote a few months ago titled “Does your business need to understand social media?” It basically said, “If your business is not people oriented, or at all social in nature, then you don’t even NEED Facebook. It’s a waste of your time.”

Agreed. I think I’ll junk this email.

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