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A long time ago, I discovered that Jim Davis, the author of Garfield comics, syndicates his stuff with uComics. An interesting, and probably well-known, fact is that uComics actually stores the images from a particular cartoon in a fairly friendly directory structure! At least, they do with Garfield comics. So I was able to do some back-door hacks and write a simple little script that would in essence harvest Garfield comics directly from uComics.

Apart from being able to download a year’s worth at a time (any more would probably kill my computer and the web host), I also was able to create a script that would grab today’s Garfield comic and display it with general navigation buttons to yesterday..or really any day since it was first begun in 1978.

Anyhow, I have been hosting this script on both my personal web server and on Brinkster. Today, I ‘upgraded’ my script, cloning it to a new page which is embed-friendly:

  • Original Garfield Script
  • Embed Page

The fun of an embed page is that I can put the proper code into any webpage that accepts HTML and this will display these comics inline!

So, to embed Garfield on YOUR website/blog, simple paste the following into anything that accepts HTML (on Blogger, this is an HTML/Javascript widget).

If all goes well, you should see a floating box with the comic and a few links displayed right on your page (such as the one in the footer below)!

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