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Phil Keaggy – Maker of the Universe

So I happen to like good “cosmic” worship songs. Hymns about space and stars and stuff just kinda get to me. Last night, my dad was talking to a guy about a Phil Keaggy song that was taken from an older hymn titled “Maker of the Universe.” Overhearing the lyrics just blew me away, so I asked him to send me the link to the full rendition also. Here it is:

The Maker of the universe

As Man for man was made a curse

The claims of Law which He had made

Unto the uttermost He paid.

His holy fingers made the bough

Which grew the thorns that crowned His brow

The nails that pierced His hands were mined

In secret places He designed.

He made the forest whence there sprung

The tree on which His body hung

He died upon a cross of wood

Yet made the hill on which it stood.

The sky that darkened o’er His head

By Him above the earth was spread

The sun that hid from Him it’s face

By His decree was poised in space.

The spear which spilled His precious blood

Was tempered in the fires of God

The grave in which His form was laid

Was hewn in rocks His hands had made.

The throne on which He now appears

Was His for everlasting years

But a new glory crowns His brow

And every knee to Him shall bow.

The Maker of the universe

The Maker of the universe

The Maker of the universe.

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