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I’ve just created a “newest ten” playlist in my Youtube channel. This is because my more recent videos aren’t really getting viewed all that much. I post links to them here and there, but not many people read what I have to say. Therefore, I’m going to see what I can do about promoting them here. After all, isn’t that what Youtube is really for? Getting people to view your videos more than everybody else?

I was so happy when the Galactic Conflicts series got 100 hits or so each. But then I look at the REALLY popular stuff and it’s like 2 million hits in a single week or something insane. It’s crazy! I need to step it up.

Anyway, here we are:

[Editor’s Note: This playlist was deleted some time ago because I got way too busy uploading Loveland Concert Band videos to keep up with this particular playlist.]

Edit: I just checked….in all, the cumulative views on my Youtube stuff is:

Videos: 19792

Channel: 1467

I should seriously check my sources before I go complaining.

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