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Why do we believe what we believe?

So I just had a thought brought up by someone. I won’t get into details why, but pretty much it’s a questioning of my beliefs about stuff. Stuff like, “why is playing with ‘supposed’ demonic things dangerous?” and “why do I believe that following Jesus the best way for the non-eternal portion of our lives as well as for the ONLY way for the eternal?”

Truly, I have no intention of recanting ANY of my beliefs on these things EVER, but my answer to those questions is really only a very weak “because it’s what I’ve always believed.” There is no valid why, really. And I really want there to be.

Thoughts? Not that I won’t stop believing this way, but in all sincerity, why should I keep on believing this way?

Until Jesus returns exactly how he said he would and proves himself to every agnostic, atheist, Christian and other, we’ll just have to take him and his word by faith. Is that all we have to go on then? Faith?

I just had a thought..and a prayer. Only one person truly knows what I’m thinking. Probably even more-so than I do. I don’t even know what I’m thinking, but he sure does. And the prayer is that he would show me exactly how to approach people who make me question my beliefs with his own power enough to convince them that he truly is the way. And that would be HIS power, because if it were my own..well then we couldn’t give him credit for any of it.

More to think on I guess.

Here’s a quick idea to get perspective: I’m thinking of these questions while looking in from the viewpoint of a non-Christian. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I am not a Christian. I’m saying that I’m looking at the issue AS IF I was not. Basically, how does the other guy think? Why doesn’t he believe me?

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