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Quote the Kid

What is this kid saying?

Comment to add your own caption, and we’ll put up a poll in a few weeks maybe to see which one’s the best.

Church Computer Video

Joshua Bokelman’s Reboot Note

I never thought I see a note from Joshua Bokelman that actually siad to reboot a computer. Most everything of this nature and handwriting usually says something to the effect: “Never reboot or it will DIE!!”


Tree Cutting

Here’s what we did BEFORE all those pictures of the media center were taken (on December 12):

Driving up to the National Forest near Redfeather Lakes

Church Video

Media Center

Here is a set of photos of the church media center production area (not including store and duplication, which everybody can see if they just come in and buy something).

Director and Overheads Console


Well! For the first time in 3 years, we’ve dewcided to do something of a Christmas! Today, we committed ourselves by going and cutting a tree from the National Forest people. We had a grand time chaining the tires and making Andrea drive with them. I would have had a really cute photo of Andrea but right as I pressed the ‘take picture’ button, the batteries died. What I should do is get a car battery or gel-cell and step it down to three volts for all of my thee-volt appliances.

Anyway, so the tree’s up, but we have NOT gone and decorated it yet as we are going to church. Something to look forward to for tomorrow I suppose.

Photo: the deer right out our back fence. Of course it’s a phone photo, so it’s not the best quality, nor is it properly cropped.


Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football at our friend’s in Loveland.


Cookie Man

This is the Cookie Man as we call him. Actually he’s the mil man, but yeah.


Happy Star Trek Day

So I wanted to get this up last night, but I completely forgot. Here you are! Happy Star Trek day! Speaking of which, we watched the original pilot program with Captain Christopher Pike called “The Cage.” It was redone with Kirk in a second shoot but they kept the Pike guy in the archives and only recently dug it back out. Anyhow, Happy Star Trek Day and may it be filled with…oh..I don’t know. Whatever you fill Star Trek Day with!

Graphics Phone Programming Video

Do videos work?

Do videos work? I sure hope so..



So this thing might just get a little more activity, now that I’ve figured this cool mobile thing out. So yeah. This pic is of an orange tree that I started from seed a few months ago. I didn’t think it would work but then one morning I saw the tiny seedling. Since then, it’s grown from that size to almost two inches high with half inch leaves.