I just re-watched for the umpteenth time Rymdreglage‘s video where they change their name and call it Ninja Moped. It’s stupidly quirky and dumb and the worst thing ever, but it hits that place that tickles my love for weird things.

Given that I like random name generators (even “analog” ones like this) a whole lot, including the stupid back-of-the-kids-menu story creators that ask you for a noun, verb, adjective, another adjective, a second noun, and so forth before spitting out a ridiculous short story about a panda and a pencil that ate cake and knives together under a pink and yellow sunset, I went on a fun search for name generators. Most that you find are pretty lousy, but a few stand out to me:

Thus, in the name of “giving our band a new name”, I present to you, previously known as “Powell Production Studios Studios” a NEW name known as….

Pickl Pledra Shopio Studios!

Using Donjon’s Markov Generator with the following seed values Pristine Powell Pavel Parked Prince Pickle Pants Play Pleased Poop Phendravi Studios Starry Spicy Slick Snake Shrug Schtik Sigh Stamped Shoopdawoop, I came up with some pretty nice results.

Someone just put me out of my misery.