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  • 10-31-09

    So I felt like making a comment. I’ve finally noticed that the rest of the family is getting into this whole ‘blagging’ thing also. Of course, my dad’s had one for years, but he never did anything for it until recently when my sister got one also. Seems they’re finally getting out there..finally. Anyhow, I’ve […]

  • 7-30-09 Nothing Interesting

    So maybe I can’t message pictures through my picture messaging service, but maybe it will still work with the 1000 character limit. Air Fighter 4…Mom’s downloading it now onto her blackberry. I’m so excited. Getting worn out from all the racer and puzzle games. Need a bit of violent arcade every once in a while. […]

  • Last Mobile Test

    Last Mobile Test

    Now then. I’m sure this is getting rather monotonous for those on the feed. But this will be the last one I hope. And hopefully the picture will come through as well

  • Text BLOGGR Test

    This is a test of texting BLOGGR with a message. It doesn’t seem to want to work..at least for the picture I just tried to send, but maybe this one will.

  • Email from phone test

    Alright. This is somewhat of a test to see if it works. I got a new phone and am trying a post using the sms-email feature.