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  • Manual letsEncrypt for CPanel

    Jump to Renewal Instructions Additionally, EFF has deprecated use of aptitude/yum/dnf/etc package managers for deploying Certbot on Debian-based systems. Instead, they recommend use of Snap. At work I recently collaborated with our hosting provider to move our company website to a version of cPanel. Up until this time, there has been no way of running our site on […]

  • LetsEncrypt List of Useful Commands

    Here are a few letsencrypt commands that I’ve found useful in the past few months of trying it out.

  • Linux – Find what is Preventing You from Unmounting a Drive

    Disclaimer: I’ve had this problem for probably four months, ever since I started running Plex Media Server on my headless linux machine at home, whilst storing all my actual media on a nice external portable drive. Usually I just yank it, but then I watch the drive letters run themselves up obscenely high before I […]