So it turns out I spent the weekend in Henderson, NV with my girlfriend. She is a coach for CCSD, and today (Monday), I am also chilling/hanging out with her at work. Turns out this is relatively boring. However, it’s okay. I found things to do. Such as sit here, filling up her browser history with weird entries.

Heh. Well, I’m being good. Everything so far has been related to things like band, work, etc.

I also took a bit of time and helped by transferring this “Fluency Practice” document to MS Word in order to print for better usability. She told me that I can now hole-punch everything in the front office, but it’s hard to know where the front office even is, let alone where the hole punch is. I’m sure I can ask the front desk secretary though. I mean, why the heck not?

But you know me. Wandering around an elementary school by myself, armed with nothing but a visitor’s name tag is a bit daunting.

SECONDLY, this weekend has been awesome. We didn’t do much outside. Sushi and Dim Sum, but other than that, it’s been chill at home. And yet, we have had an AMAZING weekend.

Coming back next month for the VNV Nation concert will be fun, albeit short, and then her coming out two weeks after for Christmas will also be awesome. I’m glad I stayed the extra day, though. Would have hated to go home today, let alone at all, though you know at some point it has to happen.

Now let’s see about that hole punch so that I don’t waste her ENTIRE afternoon…

Oh wait…she came back, finished with her meetings, and now we’ll be introduced to the front desk lady and figure things out as far as punching holes goes.

AR.Drone – Infrequently Asked Questions

Just recently (like, yesterday), I received my first (and hopefully long-lasting) AR.Drone 2 from Parrot in the mail!

This thing is a four-rotor remote-controlled copter operated with an app on my Android!

So far, I can say I’m fairly happy with it, save for the stock battery which, in short, is really really sad.

However, with a bit of research on the web, especially at the Parrot, I’ve found out quite a few things about this device which isn’t covered in, say, the user manual or the quick start guide.

So I’ll cover a few of what I’ll call my “Infrequently Asked Questions,” since there are plenty of FAQ’s out there and they all say about the same things, which, for someone with at least a LITTLE programming background, should be pretty straightforward. However, there were a few things which I could not find any mention of that I found particularly interesting, or notable.

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Haven’t Been Back In a While

Alright, so I haven’t been back here for a loooong while. Happy New Year!!!!! Anyway, I’m typing this whole thing from my mom’s Blackberry Curve, so forgive me if it seems too short. Nothing really exciting going on, but Brinkster now has Garfield pages allowing you to view favorites, today’s, past strips even including entire years at a time. Just don’t overload it, as the site has limited bandwidth and will lock down for the rest of the (I think) day if it goes over.. Alright. I’m done because I have fat fingers and can’t type much longer.


How freaking connected can you be in the web? I’ve got a Google account with a ton of subscriptions there, and a DeviantArt account (which I haven’t touched in a year, but am now). So I just uploaded a ton of my difference backgrounds. I’ll add the “pastie” at the bottom of this window. Basically like the youtube video carousel.

How connected can you be? How many subscriptions…how many things to say? Who knows? ACK!!

Online Storage

I am finally able to store stuff online for everyone to see. And the great thing is, it’s a whole 5GB!!! But only people with Hotmail or Live accounts can administrate. Here’s my embed of it:

Windows Live SkyDrive

You can disregard that readme.txt there. I might just put stuff there for ya’ll to see!:)