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Uru Complete Chronicles Fly Mode

Okay, so I was looking Myst Uru pictures on Google, and saw that it was possible to get into the big volcano in New Mexico. Plus a bunch of other places that I had never been. Well, I started looking and discovered that it was due to a developer tool called Flymode!

Now with the demise of Uru Live (which I never got to experience), I found that this tool is pretty rare out there and most websites have been taking them down. However, I found that someone on the UruObsession website found it and posted it on SendSpace. The flymode tool can be found here, thanks to highwaykind.

Here is their post that was included with the link:

After a disastrous attempt to install the POTS add on I bought when it came out ( I have my box, not the CD -> no key to activate the thing, no option to GET the key since I “live outside some area where, legal stuff”), I bought Complete Chronicles on Ebay (for 10 bucks), which arrived today.

And I’m very happy to report I’m FLYING!!!

Since it’s so hard to find the patch online (probably too old?), here’s a link of all the patches I found.

for CC I used the 1.3 one

Unzip, copy exe to game folder. backup python.pak, run patch.exe.

In game: hit ESC to enable fly mode. Space for up/down, ESC again to “drop” (exit flymode).


Standard disclaimer; use at own risk, ONLY use OFFLINE (if URU comes back as MORE ) 🙂

I have yet to test it…and I just made the huge mistake of uninstalling Uru from my machine, but I WAS running a bit low on diskspace. Maybe another day.

[2018-06-08 – Links are totally broken. UruObsession is still a thing, but they shut it down. I found an old forum post regarding Fly Mode here. Though to this day, I’ve never actually tried this out!]

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